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Two Tips To Help You Spot An Authentic Mexican Restaurant

When you're in the mood for some delicious Mexican cuisine, only the authentic variety will do.  With so many different Mexican restaurants on the scene, and each boasting about the flavors of their fare, it can be hard to distinguish an authentic Mexican restaurant from an impostor.  Rather than run the risk of disappointing your taste buds, use this information to learn more about how to spot an authentic Mexican restaurant.

Know The Difference Between Tex-Mex And True Mexican Cuisine

It can be very easy to confuse Tex-Mex food with authentic Mexican meals.  You are probably familiar with some of the Tex-Mex meals that appear on the menus of many restaurants, with selections such as quesadillas and queso dip being quite popular.  

However, don't let these menu items fool you.  They are widely considered to be Tex-Mex items because they incorporate foods that were not available to the native Mexicans.  These are Americanized versions of traditional Mexican favorites.  Although they can certainly be very tasty, they often don't provide you with the authentic Mexican experience that you're looking for.

True Mexican cuisine typically relies heavily on ingredients that were available to native Mexicans.  Foods such as goat, cheese and fish are just a few of the ingredients used in many authentic Mexican dishes.  In addition, authentic cuisine has usually been prepared in Mexico for at least fifty or more years.  

The Corn Tortillas Are Made On The Premises

Another way for you to tell whether or not you're at an authentic Mexican restaurant is the presence of fresh corn tortillas.  It takes a special amount of skill to make and press tortillas each day, but corn tortillas are a staple at many authentic Mexican restaurants.  

A handmade corn tortilla won't be as "perfect" as their store bought counterparts.  They will have a deep yellow to orange hue, and may be a bit grainy on the inner side.  Handmade corn tortillas are easily pliable, and are extremely soft once they touch your palate.  If the tortillas that you are served don't have these characteristics, but instead, they are difficult to fold or extremely light in color, you may be dealing with an inauthentic Mexican restaurant.

Many authentic Mexican restaurants also feature rustic decorations that may even include some real artifacts from the country of Mexico.  The next you want real Mexican cuisine, use these tips to you can find an authentic restaurant to enjoy.

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