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Make Delivery Pizza A Unique Flavor Experience

If you were tired of the same old, same old pepperoni pizza delivery pizza, perhaps you would like to get adventurous and try something a little bit different. While not every pizza restaurant will carry all of the ingredients to make these creative options, these ideas will at least give you some direction when you call in or log on the website to place your next pizza order.

  • Go Sauceless – Most pizza restaurants are more than willing to make a pizza without the traditional tomato sauce. The problem with choosing this is that the pizza crust can sometimes dry out a bit underneath the cheese and toppings.
  • Change Up the Sauce – Instead of going completely sauceless, why not try an alternative to marinara. Does the restaurant offer buffalo sauce for wings, Alfredo sauce for pasta or garlic sauce for breadsticks? These can all be used instead of traditional pizza sauce.
  • Mix Up the Cheese – Most pizza restaurants use mozzarella cheese as the gold standard for pizza. However, it is a rare store that does not carry at least one or two other varieties. Ask if you can substitute cheddar, parmesan or even feta cheese for the mozzarella—or even use a combination. This will give your pizza a completely different flavor profile.
  • Try Vegetarian – If you are tired of the pepperoni, sausage and ham that is normally sprinkled liberally on a pizza pie, maybe it's time to try a vegetarian option. Pile on the peppers, onions and even spinach to make your pizza a vegetarian delight.
  •  Go With a Theme – Instead of picking toppings with no concern as to how they will taste together, think of a theme and a direction you can take with your pizza. Want a spaghetti pizza? Go with ground beef, onions and olives with plenty of parmesan cheese for an Italian feel. Thinking about cheeseburgers? Why not ground beef with bacon and cheddar cheese?
  • Dip It – Ask your favorite pizza place what kind of sauces or dips they offer. Dipping your crust, or even the whole slice, in garlic butter, ranch, nacho cheese or even ketchup can give you that different flavor that you crave.

As you can see, pizza doesn't have to be ordinary—in fact, if you're willing to request something special, your delivery pizza can be a unique and fun experience. Even when you request something special, pizza delivery is a quick and easy way to get dinner on the table for you and your family. Check out different pizza places such as Pequod's Pizzeria to see what types of tasty pizza varieties you can try.