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Why Buy Organic Bread

You buy bread on an almost daily basis. Wheat, white, buttermilk, multi-grain—they're all the same to you. Just as you can buy produce that is organic, you can do the same with bread, and now you're wondering if there is a benefit in going this route with your grains.

Why buy organic bread? After all, bread is bread, right? If you don't really care what type of bread you eat, then why does organic matter? Here are reasons to consider organic bread the next time you go to the bakery.

You support small growers

Most organic bakeries use supplies from small local farmers. This means, the next time you buy organic bread and rolls, you support a local community and help the farming empire grow. When you pay attention to the independent farming market by buying organic bread—which is often made with organic eggs, wheat, and other ingredients—you support whole families trying to remain independent and compete with larger farming corporations.

You get fresh quality

Organic foods—including eggs and other animal by-products—are made without the use of pesticides and other growth chemicals. You get more wholesome, naturally grown foods when you buy organic. Other factors go into organic produce, so talk to your baker to see why they consider their loaves of bread organic and what makes their bread stand out from the competitors.

You get unique flavors

Perhaps one of the main reasons why people choose to buy organic produce and goods over traditional store-bought items is that organic foods have a more original, unique flavor. If you consider yourself a bread or food expert and want to try something new, consider buying both an organic and non-organic loaf of bread from your local baker and see if you can taste the difference.

You get more for your money

You want to pay for food that tastes good and is made simply, not food that is full of preservatives and false flavors. When you buy organic food, you have a bread that is made of high-quality ingredients but doesn't carry that much of a price tag over traditional bread. You also pay for bread that is more likely to be handcrafted and made from an original recipe in small batches, since organic loaves of bread are not as common as traditional bread styles.

When you go to your baker next, ask about organic bread. The quality will have you coming back for more.