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Buying Smallwares For Your New Restaurant: Discover 3 Ways To Save

While smallwares, such as flatware, silverware, and bar supplies are relatively inexpensive items on their own, the combined cost of all these products can represent one of the most substantial costs associated with opening a new restaurant. Consequently, it is extremely important for new business owners, such as yourself, to learn how to save money when purchasing these items without compromising quality in the process. Thankfully, the tips outlined below can help you to accomplish this task.

Consider the Purchase Of Used Smallware

Unfortunately, the restaurant industry is notorious for its high turnaround rate. This is because without the perfect combination of location, quality food, and low prices, many restaurants and bars will go out of business within a few short years. While this fact is truly quite unfortunate for the businesses that did not make the cut, it can also provide you with a wonderful opportunity to give your new restaurant a fighting chance by purchasing your smallwares at an extremely low price.

Don't Be Afraid To Buy In Bulk

While you may be reluctant to buy more than you absolutely need for opening day, the truth is, investing a larger supply of smallwares can actually save you a ton of money in the long. This is because many wholesalers and manufacturers will often a significant discount to customers who choose to place bulk orders. Furthermore, since smallware items, such as bar glasses and dinner plates will be broken on a rather regular basis, choosing to order in bulk will ensure that you always have an adequate supply on hand so that you can avoid the hefty cost that comes along with placing a rush order for replacements when your supply gets low.

Don't Skimp On Quality

While residential smallware products are often available at a much lower price, these products will not offer the same high quality as commercial-grade smallwares (such as those from Louis Wohl & Sons Inc). Consequently, while these products may allow you to lower your original out-of-pocket expenses, they will cost you more in the long run once you take into consideration the frequency with which they need to be replaced. Insisting on high quality commercial products will allow you to avoid these frequent repair costs so that you can minimize the monthly overhead costs associated with keeping your business up and running.

A Final Thought

Maintaining an adequate supply of smallware is an essential expense that all restaurant owners will need to take on. However, with so many different ways to save, there truly is no reason to blow your budget on these products.