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Taking The Cake - Noteworthy Outdoor Wedding Facts To Protect Your Confectionary Centerpiece

Even though new twists and trends are popping up at weddings across the country, the traditional towering wedding cake is still the most common centerpiece of food at these events. If you are in the planning phases of your wedding and plan to stick with traditions when it comes to your cake, there is one big fact you have to keep in mind. Not every outdoor venue is suited or equipped to handle a traditional wedding cake.

Here are a few facts to remember about choosing the right outdoor wedding venue to cater to that tiered-cake-of-splendor you have picked out from your favorite pastry artist:

Whimsical Flowering Willows Invite an Array of Insects

You know that spot you have at the top of your list that perfectly coincides with your fairy-tale wedding theme? It's the one with those whispering willows that will be in full bloom with delicately sweet flowers this spring.

It may be incredible, picturesque even, but taking your sweet, aromatic wedding cake to such a place may not be the best idea. You see, bees and insects that feed on those fragrant branches will not differentiate between a flower on a tree and a brightly-colored and just-as-sweet dab of icing on your lovely cake.

Choosing such a venue with a real cake placed outdoors could easily lead to a nightmarish scene with a cake filled with bees and bugs. Now, you can still make this venue a part of your whimsical wedding, but opt for a closed shelter where your costly cake can be kept for the reception. Even if you opt for a canopy or large wedding tent, make sure the entryways are protected securely with mesh netting or screens to keep the bugs away.

Winter Wonderland and Wanton Cake Endangerment

As you march down the aisle, you may be dreaming of fresh snow on cedars and glittering snowflakes catching every ray of sunlight. If you are having an outdoor winter wedding, there are a lot of new hurdles you will have to cross during your planning. Even though your reception will likely be held indoors where guests can stay cozy, your cake can still be in danger. Not all cakes hold up well in cold winter temperatures.

For example, fondant can crack and crumble without enough heat. This can pose problems for the professional who is trying to deliver your fresh cake to your chosen venue. If you do have an outdoor wedding planned, make sure it will be possible to arrange for the cake to be made on-site to avoid any fluctuations in temperature that will put your cake at risk.

As you choose your wedding venue, be sure you take your wedding cake into consideration. This iconic wedding feature will neat a lot more special attention than you think and could completely change how, when, and where your wedding takes place. To learn more, contact a company like Elmcrest Banquets by Biancalana.